Waters of Life Revive an NDE

Can a Near Death Experience from years ago still have relevance for one’s life today?  In this interview we observe the NDE and its implications for Ann’s life from the perspective of the water that almost killed her when she was a child. The water not only precipitated the NDE but it stands as antagonist … Read more

Beverly’s Journey Into the Void

The idea of the “void” is so beyond comprehension as to be either meaningless or frightening to many. Others dismiss it as a pessimistic concept that negates beingness and reality.  Beverly’s interview not only helps us to understand the concept of the Void but illustrates how it can be integrated in a constructive, practical way … Read more

Near Death Experiences

  Do You Want to Have a Near Death Experience? Interviewing Near Death Experiences A Near Death Experience Tunnel Speaks Beverly’s Journey Into the Void A Past NDE Brings Healing Today An NDE Memory Helps a Survivor of Childhood Abuse Waters of Life Revive an NDE Using an NDE to Reconnect with Life Meeting Vajrayogini … Read more

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