Afraid of Dying?

You get to choose whether to view both your life and death as a source of restriction or a means of natural movement, transition, and transformation, in connection with life. You get to choose whether to be scared of death or anything else; for how much, for how long.


  An Atheist Deals with Death Scared of the Darkness Fear of Death is the Other Face of Inner Peace Surfing Your Way Out of Fear (A Dream of Death as a Wake-Up Call to Escape Childhood Scripting)

What Will Happen to Me After I Die?

So you think you have problems! If you had nearly died several times because of heart failure and had been taught to always listen to your heart for irregular beating, do you think you might be afraid of dying? And if your very traumatic heart transplant ended up with your immune system attacking it and almost killing you twice, do you think that might make you even more terrified of dying?

An Atheist Deals with Death

As a young person, Claudia realized that she did not want to believe in any definition of the divine that allowed injustice, cruelty, and needless suffering. She did not have beliefs in religion or universal love to fall back on when her father died when she was fourteen or when she experienced the loss of other loved ones over the years, including beloved pets.

A Being of Light Greets the Deceased

Is there life after death? If so, what is it like?  People have been debating this issue for thousands of years and coming up with all sorts of answers.  Is it like a dream?  Is it like deep sleep?  Is it more awake than waking?  Integral Deep Listening assumes that, regardless of whatever else life … Read more

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