Dealing with Procrastination

“You know the solution. You just aren’t self-disciplined enough to follow it. If you worshipped at my altar for maybe fifteen minutes every day, making the appropriate blood sacrifices to the proper deities, they would no longer haunt you. You only worship the gods you want to worship, and the others are calling out for attention. Make tending to my altar part of your daily puja. Make it a spiritual discipline. Make it alchemical: turning the lead of your secular life into the sacred.”

Transforming Early Childhood Wounding With IDL

Rebecca automatically accessed perspectives that depicted a wounded past self that she had not been taking responsibility for, a secure self which becomes prominent as soon as she does, and a potential self which is self-reliant, independent, alive, and joyful. We not only have a picture of an evolutionary progression from vulnerability to independence; we have a personal, tailor-made, organic experience of the reality of each of those ways of living life.

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