Life Scripting Dreams

13 Nov

Surfing Your Way Out of Fear

We all have things that keep us from surfing through life, but few of us have the excuse of having our arm bitten off by a shark. Would you get back up on your board if that happened to you? ...

03 Sep

The Myth of Plato’s Cave: A modern retelling

You can spend your life locked in the cellar of your own fears, manufacturing threatening people and situations to keep yourself stuck, or you can “wake up” and realize that this is a self-created drama, and spend your life “surfing” instead. ...

08 Jul

Extraterrestrials Offer Salvation

Have you ever had a dream that contained a message that spoke to the entire direction of your life? Integral Deep Listening calls such dreams, “Life-Scripting Dreams,” because of their ability to create a sense of destiny, predestination, divine will, or mission. ...