Escaping Old Feelings of Childhood Neglect

In this interview Holly listens to, respects, and honors old feelings of neglect that have caused a chronic depression for her as an adult. By doing so she allows them to transform into her own, personal solution for how to move forward in her life, to stop creating the constant, bending “wind” of drama and to continue her emotional growth from where it got stuck. She can draw strength from the child part of herself that is able to have fun and enjoy life at a fair.

A Labrador Reduces Anxiety

What such interviews do is provide a way to access inner potentials that are not stuck where we are stuck. In this case, Rex accesses a part of himself that is not threatened, is not anxious, and does not worry. The theory is that the more Rex talks to and imagines that he is this part, the more he will identify with, and grow into, that innate potential.

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