Eliminating Blocks to Your Creativity

It is easy to allow our fears to block our creativity: “What if I fail?” “Other people will think I am stupid if I try something different.” “Nobody has done this; it won’t work.” “Why should I think I can come up with something really new and creative?” Such thoughts are self-limiting and self-destructive cognitive distortions. IDL helps to identify such self-defeating self-talk and replace it with realistic statements such as the following…

Synchronicity and Life Support

Synchronicity is a term coined by the great psychologist, Carl Jung to indicate events that are obviously closely connected but which have no causal relationship.  An example would be thinking about your mother as she is calling you on the phone. In the following example, the synchronicity occurred in three areas: 1) dream content, 2) … Read more

Understanding Repeating Dream Motifs

While we are all familiar with the idea of the hidden within becoming expressed or manifested in our exterior reality, what is interesting about this interview is that it compares the process to molecular structures repeated to the place that they impact the macro or social realms. It implies that this is the way that seed potentials sprout and grow within us.

A Bird-Brained Dream

What do you do when you have a silly dream that either looks like it is meaningless or is a jumble of day residue? Interview it, of course! When you do you will find alternative perspectives that will show you what you are missing and how to change your view so that you become more who you really are! Who wouldn’t want to do that?

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