Recognizing and Eliminating Your Emotional Cognitive Distortions

If you get anxious or depressed, the most likely reason is what you are telling yourself about yourself, others and life. Emotional Cognitive Distortions are irrational ways of thinking that create anxiety and depression. The fastest and easiest way to improve the quality of life I know is to change how you think by getting rid of them.

Anger and Assertiveness

  Becoming Rain to Transcend Anger Escaping the drama of your life Unearthing Treasures from the 50’s Mud Puddle to Ocean: From Passivity to Assertiveness Meeting George Washington Sacrificing a Bull Woman to Public Opinion Becoming Assertive A Lizard Teaches Assertiveness Learning to Stop Reacting and Control Your Temper    

Transcending the Suffering of Drama with Meditative Witnessing

Don’t waste much time with dreaming dreams of victimization. Look for a way out of the drama. Some IDL dream interviews emphasize healing. Others emphasize balance. Others emphasize transformation. This one emphasizes all three.

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