Meditation as Sky

When you practice becoming perspectives that transcend, yet include your own you grow into closer contact with your own inner compass, your own unique path forward. This helps you to learn to get out of your own way quicker and to not waste precious time on detours or paths that are not authentically your own.

Interviewing Jesus

How’s your relationship with Jesus? As an avatar of love, you can do a lot worse than get on a first-name basis with a perspective that not only personifies oneness with God, unconditional love, and selfless service, but also resurrection and eternal life. Maybe by doing so you’ll get in touch with a source of light and life that transcends and includes who you are and that can guide you along the path of your life.

An Atheist Deals with Death

As a young person, Claudia realized that she did not want to believe in any definition of the divine that allowed injustice, cruelty, and needless suffering. She did not have beliefs in religion or universal love to fall back on when her father died when she was fourteen or when she experienced the loss of other loved ones over the years, including beloved pets.

A Witches Broom!

The worst we can do by following Witches Broom’s recommendations is to waste our time; however, we may find that instead we move toward our inner compass and discover that we can access our inner strengths more often and in ways that are of greater benefit to ourselves and others.

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