Helping Children Find and Follow Their Life Compass

  Using Integral Deep Listening (IDL) to Help Children  Grow, be Happy and Healthy The First Stage of the Rocket of Human Development The development of children can be thought of as a three-stage rocket. The first stage produces enormous thrust to get a child’s body and cognitive wiring launched. This heavy lifting stage is biologically pre-programmed and unfolds … Read more


  Transformation Using a Fearful Scripting Childhood Dream Moving Out of the Shadow of Childhood Abuse The Devil On Your Shoulder What Could You Possibly Learn from a Tree Sloth? Aquilam the Eagle Brings Gifts of Confidence and Inner Peace Parable of the Chicken Distant Family: Bridging the Gulf  

What do babies in dreams mean?

  Have you ever had a dream with babies? If you look in a dream symbol dictionary it will probably tell you that they represent something like new beginnings, new growth, new responsibilities. But what if you have a baby with downs syndrome, like Diane’s? Or baby monsters or puppies, like a lot of pregnant … Read more

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