Understanding Repeating Dream Motifs

While we are all familiar with the idea of the hidden within becoming expressed or manifested in our exterior reality, what is interesting about this interview is that it compares the process to molecular structures repeated to the place that they impact the macro or social realms. It implies that this is the way that seed potentials sprout and grow within us.

Dealing With Powerful True Believers

The problem in dealing with True Believers is that they have their minds made up and any alternative world view threatens theirs. In our grandiosity we often think, “I will become a True Believer. Once they see how wonderful I am and how much I have to offer that will help them, they will listen to me and change.” This generally amounts to self-delusion, wasted time and wasted effort.

Healing a Relationship With a Dead Mother

If you have unfinished business with a deceased parent, what can you do? How does that wound affect who you are today? How does it limit your options? What can you do to heal it? Your dreams regularly comment on how long forgotten early family relationships shape how you view yourself and others today. If you listen to them, as this lady is doing, you will take a short cut to finding yourself, as opposed to the social identity that you had to become in order to survive. Use this format and interview yourself today.

Uncovering Your Emerging Potentials

Notice that this dreamer not only discovered an understanding of her dream that both made sense to her and satisfied her, but had a transformational experience as a result which she was able to use in a practical way to improve her life and the lives of others. The more that we practice integral deep listening to ourselves the more we wake up to who we truly are. The more we get out of our own way. The more we discover an ability to be in the right place at the right time to say and do those things that will awaken the highest in both others and ourselves.

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